Baskets….Containers…and More

We all need to be better organized. There are so many areas of our home that could use a facelift in the way of organization.  It is so easy to accumulate stuff but if we don’t purge and reorganize our homes, our homes become a mess of clutter. I know myself that I have a long way to go even in our home….and this is quite a large feat with so many little ones running around. I admit that I cannot keep my house as clean as I would like it to be! It seems that I just get one room cleaned or organize one small space in our home only to find that after a very short time (ahem, and I mean short time) that space is no longer clean like it was. Will keep on trying though won’t we! 😀

Now when it comes to organization I just love to use baskets. Baskets are easy to come by. You can get them pretty cheaply at garage sales, thrift stores, or even dollar stores. What I love about baskets is that they come in different sizes, colors, shapes, you name it.  Some baskets are made of wood, some of plastic, others out of colored paper, or if you are really frugal even a cardboard box that you fixed up!

What you put in those baskets is totally up to your imagination!!! Anything from smaller household items, baby things, cleaning supplies, spices, etc.

So what I thought I would do is share some of the ways that I organize some of our stuff in baskets……(some of them I guess you would really consider them a basket, just a container, but I thought I would share them anyway.)



extracts and others

cleaning scrubber dish thingy

Here we store most of our spices, everything from salt, pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, italian seasoning, etc. Not sure where I got the wicker basket but the black container was an old hair clipper box.  It came in handy for all the little bags of spices we get at our natural food store.







Here we have a small red basket which I got at a garage sale, probably for fifty cents. In it we keep all of our food extracts, cornstarch, meringue powder, agave syrup and a couple of vitamins that we sometimes add into our smoothies.









This picture is just a small wire basket that we keep all of our scrub brushes, scrapers, and sink plugs in at the kitchen sink. This was a one dollar purchase at a nearby thrift store.







cloths and toilet paper


In one of our bathrooms under the sink we have a black basket for toilet paper, got that one at the dollar store. (They have some really great storage items and for a good price!) The brown basket seemed the perfect size for our wash cloths and the basket in the back is for storing personal items.








hair stuff in plastic drawers and plastic bucket

My daughters and myself have fairly long hair and so we needed a place to put our hair stuff. The three compartment drawer holds all the small ponytails, bows, hair clips that my daughters use and that came from Wal-Mart many, many years ago. (We don’t shop at Walmart anymore.) The plastic container (I think it was a garage sale, I have forgotten) holds all of my hair bands and ponytails, bobby pins, etc.






baby basket


This little white basket has been used for many things…First I used it as a diaper/wet wipe basket for our sixth child….then after she grew out of that, I used it for a snack basket. Now it is back to a diaper/wet wipe, extra clothes, diaper rash cream for our seventh baby. It is just the perfect size for diapers and stuff and is handy to carry around from room to room if needed. (My other kids are really good and going to get the basket when Mama asks for it!)  I think this one came from Wal-Mart as well.



baby food basket

Our seventh child is now eating solid food besides bottle feeding. I originally bought this basket for all the baby soaps and samples we originally received in the mail. It is now used to store bottles, baby jars of food, her spoons, etc. I got this one at Aldi’s during one of their special items of the week. We have another just like it on our change table and I store the baby monitors in it. I think these were four dollars, but my mama brain can’t remember the exact amount.


Shoes in used flower container

two year old basket

Our girls have a few pair of shoes and one day finding the basket that they were using to be too small, I moved their shoes into this container. This was from a garage sale. It has a lid and we have used it for toys, doll items, etc. It makes for a good chair too in their room with its lid.







The basket that once held shoes is now for our two-year old’s underwear, socks, and tights. We put it in a convenient place for her to be able to grab what she needs as she has only been potty trained for about four months. This basket came from Wal-Mart and is made of canvas. It has a little clear pocket in the front if you want to put a label.

corking material


The other canvas basket contains my daughter and my corking yarn and needles. We have made a few corking projects.












This black basket came from a garage sale for a dollar. I think it once came from a salon shop. I store some cleaning products in it under our kitchen sink.













We all have socks and we all have those socks that seem to lose their pair when they go through the wash and dryer. I don’t know if any of you do this but I have a basket for missing socks. If its matching pair shows up later at least I have the other one saved. After many months if that missing sock never shows up that one sock goes to the trash. This is something that I remember my own mother doing. This basket probably came from a garage sale or thrift store.







kids school books


These baskets came from the dollar store about three-years ago. I bought it for the three kids that are in school. A different color for each kid. They keep their school books, notebooks and binder in these baskets. They have handles and at one time I had their names on labels in the front but they came off  or should I say someone ripped them off. They were just paper. I should have laminated them. 😦






essential oils

This is not really a basket but like I said before you can even use a cardboard box. You can cover it or like I did just use it the way it is. This little box was from some natural company and I like the way it looked so I just sticked a laminated label on it and put our little bottles of essential oils in it. It seemed the perfect size for the amount we have so far. I enjoy using essential oils for quite a few things and I will share you with another post on what I like to do with them.

So those are some of the containers or baskets we use around the house and as I sit here typing I begin to think about all the other containers I haven’t shared with you that we use around the house.

We have some great plastic containers to store some of our dry goods, like our gluten-free flours, noodles, raisins, sugars, oats, etc. We have containers for our vitamins, herbal supplements, medicines in our hall closet. We have some larger baskets that we store garbage bags, extension cords, and miscellaneous items for around the house. I could probably find more if I were to walk around the house, but I also know that I could maybe better organize things around the home, but like I said before it takes time.  We just have to do what we can!







Homeschooling Supplies

Homeschooling is a big feat! It is not easy and requires a lot of dedication and effort. Homeschooling is very flexible, however. Amidst the chaos of the day, house cleaning, meal planning/preparing meals, laundry, having babies, etc., sometimes homeschooling can get a bit behind, but if you are like most families homeschooling becomes a round the year job.

Sometimes I feel so bad that I haven’t spent as much time with one child as another child on a certain subject. But we have to all give ourselves some kind of grace as a growing family (having 7 kids, under the age of 10, in 11 years). We need to get our older children to help the younger one’s with their numbers and alphabet. If we are able to get a tutor, great! Even just implementing math in cooking with our kids will be a great way to teach them what they need to learn.

Now, when it comes to homeschooling we can never have enough school supplies. We never seem to have enough pens and pencils to go around. My kids are always loosing their erasers. (“Hey, mom have you seen the eraser?!” … When it is most likely right where it should be or other times somehow it managed to end up under the couch! LOL)  Scissors are quite popular with my older kids as they are constantly crafting up their own play things with paper and cardboard; anything from paper money to cardboard castles.

Notebooks are a common use in our home. Not only do we use them for school but also personal use from making grocery and to do lists, business plans, travel directions, etc.  Of course, you want to buy good quality products. This is where FIVESTAR.COM  comes to the rescue!!

FIVESTAR.COM sells top quality school supplies. Everything from notebooks, to binders, to folders. They have a great list of art supplies as well as school essentials. Their products give students the high-quality learning tools they need to succeed in the classroom.  FIVESTAR.COM helps busy people to organize their lives. They are a member of ACCO Brands  and have been helping individuals and business for over 150 years. They offer a product guarantee!

Five star school supplies

We all can use backpacks at sometime or another in our lives. We have used many a calendar in our home and it isn’t too late to purchase yours!  We surely could use a few more around the home. We could use a planner and we are always using binders in our home. We have binders for organization, gardening, cooking, school pages, religious topics, a couple of our boys have binders for art work. Binders are something we can all use. If we want our homes to run smoothly and efficiently our families need good quality products for their homes and for schooling. Like I said before homeschooling is not easy and what better way to make it run like clockwork than to invest in FIVESTAR.COM supplies today!

A Family Pet

I’m sure at sometime or another in your lives you had a pet. Whether it was a cat or dog, a bird, a turtle, even a chicken! Our pets become a part of our family. A dog gives us protection. A cat for rodent protection. A canary/parakeet for entertainment.  Other pets are just for pleasure and chickens for the eggs they provide. Lassie

However, the most common of pets are dogs and cats. Our dogs become our loyal friends.  We have a beautiful border collie dog. She came to our home as a young pup and has now grown into a full adult dog. She has added quite a bit of excitement to our home. The kids were ecstatic when we decided to purchase a dog. After much thorough investigation into what kind of dog to get we decided on a border collie. My husband and I searched papers and ads for the dog we wanted. Finally we found the dog we wanted and my husband drove 200 miles to get her. We had everything ready for her. Her food dishes, her brushes, her kennel, her collar and leash. Even a few doggy toys.We had to buy protection for fleas and ticks.

One website that might be useful for pet lovers is:  They have everything for the well being of your pet. They even provide supplements and high quality products for racing pigeons and horses! You want something more natural for your dog or cat? They sell homeopathic products. You don’t like something or it isn’t what you expected? They have a money back guarantee. There always seems to be a coupon code and right now you can get $30 off, plus an extra 10% off  with free shipping with the code HAPPY10.

Anyway, after a few uneasy days our dog settled right into our family. She became a part of the family. She became very protective of us, even to the point of accidentally ripping a young European student’s shorts! He was trying to sell school books for homeschooling families but he didn’t expect the dog to be disapproving! He had a happy ending and our neighbor stepped in and saved his shorts.

Our dog as you can see takes very good care of us. She is also very protective of our chickens making sure nothing harms them. She has stopped a chicken or two from running away from home.

So as you can see we try really hard to take care of our dog as she does such a good job of taking care of us. If you have a pet you can understand. So we encourage you to try for the health and benefit of your pet.

What pet do you have and has your pet been a great addition to your family?






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