Homeschooling Supplies

Homeschooling is a big feat! It is not easy and requires a lot of dedication and effort. Homeschooling is very flexible, however. Amidst the chaos of the day, house cleaning, meal planning/preparing meals, laundry, having babies, etc., sometimes homeschooling can get a bit behind, but if you are like most families homeschooling becomes a round the year job.

Sometimes I feel so bad that I haven’t spent as much time with one child as another child on a certain subject. But we have to all give ourselves some kind of grace as a growing family (having 7 kids, under the age of 10, in 11 years). We need to get our older children to help the younger one’s with their numbers and alphabet. If we are able to get a tutor, great! Even just implementing math in cooking with our kids will be a great way to teach them what they need to learn.

Now, when it comes to homeschooling we can never have enough school supplies. We never seem to have enough pens and pencils to go around. My kids are always loosing their erasers. (“Hey, mom have you seen the eraser?!” … When it is most likely right where it should be or other times somehow it managed to end up under the couch! LOL)  Scissors are quite popular with my older kids as they are constantly crafting up their own play things with paper and cardboard; anything from paper money to cardboard castles.

Notebooks are a common use in our home. Not only do we use them for school but also personal use from making grocery and to do lists, business plans, travel directions, etc.  Of course, you want to buy good quality products. This is where FIVESTAR.COM  comes to the rescue!!

FIVESTAR.COM sells top quality school supplies. Everything from notebooks, to binders, to folders. They have a great list of art supplies as well as school essentials. Their products give students the high-quality learning tools they need to succeed in the classroom.  FIVESTAR.COM helps busy people to organize their lives. They are a member of ACCO Brands  and have been helping individuals and business for over 150 years. They offer a product guarantee!

Five star school supplies

We all can use backpacks at sometime or another in our lives. We have used many a calendar in our home and it isn’t too late to purchase yours!  We surely could use a few more around the home. We could use a planner and we are always using binders in our home. We have binders for organization, gardening, cooking, school pages, religious topics, a couple of our boys have binders for art work. Binders are something we can all use. If we want our homes to run smoothly and efficiently our families need good quality products for their homes and for schooling. Like I said before homeschooling is not easy and what better way to make it run like clockwork than to invest in FIVESTAR.COM supplies today!