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Homeschooling can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes you can feel comfortable and confident in your ability and yet still sometimes feel inadequate, incapable, and overwhelmed.  We are here to help or at least lighten the load a little!

There is a lot of information out there of different methods, techniques, and resources for homeschooling. Click here for where we get some of our books: Our Lady of Victory Homeschooling

The web also has many neat and creative ideas. Instagram and Pinterest can be wonderful places for finding ideas, inspiring creativity and connecting with others in this homeschooling community.

We have realized over time is that our way is the right way for our family. And that is the beauty of homeschooling. It looks different for each family because we are all different. Your way will be different from the those around you, but it will be the right way for your family.

We hope the articles and tips you find under homeschooling will help you in many ways!  Happy Teaching!

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