Our Story: Part 1

This Empress wasn’t always an Empress. In fact, it happened about 11 years ago, but goes even farther back to about 12 years ago, when this Empress was only a young maiden looking for a good  knight to become her husband. So here is my tale and I how I have gotten to the position of Empress of the home that I am today. Map of Canada

Here is a little background information. I  am the oldest of a large family of six kids in the southern part of Saskatchewan, Canada. For those of you who don’t know where that is about two miles from the perimeter of North Dakota, U.S.A. We were a homeschooling countrified family living on 13 acres. We were raised pretty much with the only friends we had were ourselves, a couple of other homeschooling families from our church, and cousins that lived nearby. Our abode was in the country and  we grew up having the  responsibilities of taking care of cows, horses, ducks, bunnies, cats and dogs. Growing up this made for a very happy and content home, but definitely minimized the amount of eligible suitors when I became of marrying age.

After graduating from high school  in 2003 with Our Lady of Victory Home school course from Post Falls, Idaho I got a job with a florist job (I had previously taken a three-week course on floral design). Maybe someday I will actually get to open my own florist shop as I have always enjoyed working with flowers. After working for about six weeks in the floral shop with things not progressing with my boss in the direction of the career I wanted, I quit. I then landed a job a little closer to home taking care of an older couple doing twenty-four hour home care. I practically lived with them feeding them their meals, cleaning and gardening for them. It was a very rewarding and trying job at times, as they were 93 and 85 respectively, with one of them having Alzheimer’s.

From there  I needed a job with more flexible hours, otherwise, I never got a day off. For awhile, I just did babysitting jobs (definitely got me prepared for motherhood!). Then I got a Restaurantposition I really enjoyed! I became a waitress/hotel front desk clerk for a restaurant about 45 min from my home. I thoroughly enjoyed serving people, getting to know the locals, and working for the food industry.

It was during this time that I joined a website for single Catholics. As I told you before the amount of eligible young men was limited in my area. I took this leap of faith praying that God would send the right man my way. I started corresponding with two single guys. Shortly after this, I got really interested in one of them and solely started communicating with him. After many emails back and forth  and our first phone call on December 25th, 2005, we decided to meet. (I think it was my statement that the sooner you get to meet the person the better! LOL)

In February 2006, the knight (my future husband) met me for the first time at the airport in Minot, North Dakota. He had traveled in from Kansas.  From there on out things really started to move. He spent a whole entire week visiting me and my family. Actually, by day three we both knew that we loved each other. We had gotten to know so much about each other via email, regular mail, phone calls, that it was only meeting each other that completed the whole courtship. After the week was over, it was so hard to see him leave. I couldn’t wait to see him again!

April 2006 brought about another visit, but this one was extra special! I knew that he had come with the possibility of a proposal, but wasn’t sure when or how. He arrived on Easter Sunday and as we were heading back from the airport to my parent’s home, he asked my dad to drop us off at the church we attended. Soon after, to my astonishment and surprise, on the front steps of the church, my knight in shining armor asked this humble maiden if she would become his wife . Ring

YES! My prayers had been answered! My patience had been rewarded! My faith that God would show me the right person at the right time was rewarded with the best husband and even more than I could have asked for. So you ladies/gents out there that are still waiting, if God thinks it’s the right time, it will happen! You just need to have patience and trust in Him!

So the rest of the spring/summer/part of fall was a whirlwind with preparations for not only the wedding, but also my move which required a lot of legal procedures due to the fact that I was a Canadian getting married to an American. We had many papers and forms to fill out, plus dollars to spend in order for me to obtain a visa. Sometimes it seemed discouraging to have to fill one more paper or go through one more legal procedure just so that we once we were married we could live together in the United States.  Of course, the love we had for each other was so much stronger!

Finally, the long-awaited day came. On September 9th, 2006 we asked for God’s Blessing and became one amidst family and friends. Now I was officially the empress of the home and would make my abode with my emperor in the sunflower state of Kansas! (This is not our wedding phoWedding picture of Emperor Karl and Empress Zitato)

After many tears and goodbyes we headed to our abode in Kansas. It wasn’t the most pleasant of honeymoons but it was memorable. I had a really hard time adjusting to being so far from my family. I have to give my husband all the credit though! He is the most patient husband. Comforting and consoling, patiently waiting for his little wife to adjust to married life and away from the comfort of her family.  So those of you out there that marry the love of your life and move far away from family and friends, know that you are not alone. Yes, it is hard but when you love each other so much, nothing can get in the way. Plus, aren’t we told that “the woman shall leave her home and cling to her husband”.

About a little less than two months after we became one we found out we were pregnant! However, God had destined that this little one wouldn’t remain with us long. About 12 weeks after finding out we were expecting we lost the little one. We put the baby in a jar and buried our little one in the miscarried cemetery nearby. What a hard thing that was and even today still leaves us with a heartache! unmarked_grave_810_500_55_s_c1

However, this was just part of being a wife/husband and motherhood/fatherhood. We still had so much to learn, to experience, to trust. We were naive, newly married, adjusting, but always praying for God to help us to  be resolved. There was so much more to come….so much more love to follow!

To Be Continued……

How did you meet your spouse? What is your courtship/wedding story? Let us know and leave a comment!






Author: Cecilia

I'm a blessed wife of a caring and loving husband and mother to seven little darlings. I decided to open this website to share my experiences from motherhood, to health issues, married life, and ethical values in a morally declining society.

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