A Family Pet

I’m sure at sometime or another in your lives you had a pet. Whether it was a cat or dog, a bird, a turtle, even a chicken! Our pets become a part of our family. A dog gives us protection. A cat for rodent protection. A canary/parakeet for entertainment.  Other pets are just for pleasure and chickens for the eggs they provide. Lassie

However, the most common of pets are dogs and cats. Our dogs become our loyal friends.  We have a beautiful border collie dog. She came to our home as a young pup and has now grown into a full adult dog. She has added quite a bit of excitement to our home. The kids were ecstatic when we decided to purchase a dog. After much thorough investigation into what kind of dog to get we decided on a border collie. My husband and I searched papers and ads for the dog we wanted. Finally we found the dog we wanted and my husband drove 200 miles to get her. We had everything ready for her. Her food dishes, her brushes, her kennel, her collar and leash. Even a few doggy toys.We had to buy protection for fleas and ticks.

One website that might be useful for pet lovers is: Canadapetcare.com  They have everything for the well being of your pet. They even provide supplements and high quality products for racing pigeons and horses! You want something more natural for your dog or cat? They sell homeopathic products. You don’t like something or it isn’t what you expected? They have a money back guarantee. There always seems to be a coupon code and right now you can get $30 off, plus an extra 10% off  with free shipping with the code HAPPY10.

Anyway, after a few uneasy days our dog settled right into our family. She became a part of the family. She became very protective of us, even to the point of accidentally ripping a young European student’s shorts! He was trying to sell school books for homeschooling families but he didn’t expect the dog to be disapproving! He had a happy ending and our neighbor stepped in and saved his shorts.

Our dog as you can see takes very good care of us. She is also very protective of our chickens making sure nothing harms them. She has stopped a chicken or two from running away from home.

So as you can see we try really hard to take care of our dog as she does such a good job of taking care of us. If you have a pet you can understand. So we encourage you to try Canadapetcare.com for the health and benefit of your pet.

What pet do you have and has your pet been a great addition to your family?





Author: Cecilia

I'm a blessed wife of a caring and loving husband and mother to seven little darlings. I decided to open this website to share my experiences from motherhood, to health issues, married life, and ethical values in a morally declining society.

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